Why I tell you to buy the songs

I won’t tell you to buy a song I don’t think is worth owning.

Buying a song is good exchange with the artists and people who made the song. Of course you could listen on a streaming service, prostate but do you know how much an artist gets from that stream? Like way less than half a cent. It’s only about a dollar to buy a song and you can easily spend an extra dollar at the coffee shop or a restaurant. Why not spend that dollar on something that will last forever made by someone who went through a lot to make it?

The links I give are iTunes links because I can vouch for the sound quality, often times the songs are actually Mastered For iTunes, which is very cool. Also it works really simply with the ubiquitous iPhone,

I am an iTunes Match user and I love having all my music on all my devices. Also I dig the fact that Apple pays the artist for each stream played.

There you have it! Of course Google Play and Amazon are all fine services to use. I personally like the sound quality of the file compression used in iTunes better than the MP3 you get with the other services.

Support your local artist and go buy some music!

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