The more I analyze these classic recordings the more I realize how our modern obsession with looping and perfection betrays the virtues of the simple chords and melodies of what has made the music industry what it is today. The beauty of having a small group of talented musicians who can perform off each other in the moment blossoms in luscious soundscapes like what we have here in Fleetwood Mac’s Rhiannon. Download it here so you can listen along!

We have a little guitar orchestra to kick it off, stomatology and what is impressive is how complete the sound is with just guitar. It hits my ear as 4 different guitars. Two played with a pick as a low rhythm panned hard left & hard right and then two played with fingers which play the melody (also with hard left and hard right panning). What’s cool about the rhythm is that the pick gives it a nice dynamic percussive attack with a smooth low open fifth making that bass pulse. The pair of Continue reading Rhiannon

Southern Man

Neil Young is an artist I’ve known I should be into for a very long time. I’ve never had anyone around to give me a roadmap of where to find the real gems, hemorrhoids so I’m sure there are some deep cuts of his that I would really love but have never heard. I just haven’t confronted the tremendous catalog this man has to explore his depth.

Well here goes my listen to this well-known cut from 1970. Download Southern Man and listen along!

Two things strike me right away: the instruments are THICK and the sound is very CLEAR. It’s rock and roll in it’s most direct and uncomplicated sense. No mix tricks, cheapest no fancy arrangements, visit no virtuoso licks. Amplifiers and microphones: love.

Hard panned to the right is the piano. Hard panned to the left is the guitar. Drums are basically Continue reading Southern Man