Just What I Needed

This track I decided right now is a total masterpiece. The band is The Cars, bulimics and after too long of a hiatus from my blog this song is Just What I Needed. Pop in your earbuds, click the link, hit play and let’s have a journey.

The palm muted electric guitar ticks away the eighth notes straight down the middle with metronomic precision to spark it off, fed into a very light reverb. Now what’s epically cool in my book is that the part is played so straight, so perfectly in time and to the casual listener might sound almost like a machine until you listen to that reverb and hear the minute changes in aspect of the attack transient of the guitar pick ever so slightly hitting the strings at a different angle, reflected in how the reverb intonates. Take a second and just dig the musicality of that slightly random modulation of the reverb, coupled with the rhythmically precise pulsing if the guitar note. Damn. Continue reading Just What I Needed